Adam Griffiths

I believe simple ideas can be used to fix difficult business issues.

Your Specialist Web Developer

I will work for you to help your business grow or help streamline your processes. I believe technology should be used in all aspects of business; I help businesses streamline processes and save money by building web applications to solve specific business problems. I have built web applications for companies all over the world, more recently working within the technology sector.

Whether you are looking to create a startup or if you need an internal application to use within your business, you can be sure I'll be ready for anything you throw at me. I have helped launch startups and update old businesses, as well as advising and supporting other developers through consulting.


I have been working as a web developer for over 5 years and have helped launch numerous businesses. I have released code to the community for free which is now being used on thousands of applications. I also write books and articles to spread my knowledge throughout the community.